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GRC Professional certification entails knowledge that ensures an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and skills. These skills are essential to integrate governance, risk management, compliance activities, performance management, and internal control.

This certification provides the core skills of understanding, managing, and advising on risk internal controls, key compliance matters, and functions compliance it offers the understanding of how they must be integrated for effective governance.

Learning Objectives

The GRCP Certification training will help you prepare for the certification exam, which covers the following;

  • How to develop a GRC strategic plan
  • To align governance, risk and compliance in context of the organization
  • Understand, define, and enhance organizational culture as it relates to performance, risk, and compliance
  • How to implement effective, efficient and agile GRC processes using the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • To motivate and inspire desired conduct through the concept of Principled Performance
  • Understanding technology’s role in GRC
  • How to develop ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of GRC activities through metrics and measurement
  • How to explain the value of Principled Performance, and an integrated approach to GRC, to your management and board

Who Should Attend this Training

  • Internal Auditors
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Governance Professionals
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Executives and Board Members
  • GRC Professionals


There are no prerequisites for attending the GRCP Training.

Examination Format

  • 100 multiple choice questions
  • 2 hours exam duration
  • Passing criteria is 70%
  • Open Book

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Self-Paced Training

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  • Enjoy lifetime access to accredited courseware
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Instructor-Led Training

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  • Gain access to quizzes, exams, and valuable resources
  • Interact with instructors in real-time for maximum learning
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Corporate Training

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  • Defining common GRC terms
  • Understanding GRC Concepts
  • Understanding GRC roles and responsibilities (e.g. audit, legal, human resources, IT, compliance, risk management, ethics, the boards etc.)
  • Gaining commitment from senior management and the board
  • Overview of the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • Implementing the OCEG GRC Capability Model at an organization

  • Understanding the external context of your organization
  • Understanding the internal context of your organization
  • Understanding and assessing culture
  • Understanding relevant stakeholders and developing a stakeholder relations plan

  • Setting direction and management decision-making criteria in accordance with mission, vision and values
  • Defining high-level and lower-level objectives
  • Identifying opportunities, threats and requirements for your organization
  • Assessing levels of reward, risk and compliance - inherent and residual basis
  • Designing relevant options and controls in order to respond to levels of reward, risk and compliance

  • Determining the right mix of proactive, detective, and responsive internal controls
  • Establishing relevant policies and procedures
  • Communicating to the right people, in the right way, at the right time
  • Delivering education to pertinent individuals
  • Designing and implementing appropriate incentives
  • Designing notification methods to detect events
  • Designing inquiry methods to detect events
  • Responding to all events

  • Monitoring the GRC capability
  • Providing declaration on the GRC capability
  • Making enhancements to the GRC capability

  • Identifying elements of a GRC strategic plan
  • Completing risk and compliance assessments as a starting point
  • Progressing from the current state to desired state
  • Understanding degrees of integration and maturity models
  • Building and explaining the business case for integrated GRC

  • Understanding GRCP exam areas
  • Accessing exam resources
  • Accessing sample GRCP exam questions and answers

Exam & Certification FAQs

When can I get my certificate after passing the exam?

Your certificate will be immediately ready for use once you pass your exam.

What topics are covered in the syllabus?

15% General Knowledge / Introduction

  • Understand key terms and definitions related to GRC
  • Understand key principles and business drivers behind GRC like Principled Performance
  • Understand the benefits of integrating GRC
  • Understand how GRC relates to other disciplines / professions
  • Understand background information found in the introduction of the Red Book

85% GRC Capability Model Details

  • Understand key management actions and controls
  • Understand design and implementation considerations
  • Learn – 20%, Align – 30%, Perform – 30%, Review – 5%

What if I fail the first time?

You can retake the exam as many times as you need in order to pass. However, you will not see the same questions every time so be FULLY PREPARED each time you attempt the exam.

Do I need to recertify?

No, you only need to pass the exam once and you’ll be GRCP Certified for a lifetime.

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Training Events

Dec 12 - Dec 14 2022 English


11:30 PM - 7:30 AM EST

3 Days


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Trainer's Details

Ikram Khan (see profile)
15+ Years of Industry Experience

Accredited by

Key Features

  • 21-hours expert-led live training
  • Delegate manual as per official syllabus
  • Sample exams for practice
  • Quizzes & workshops
  • Access to instructor for support
  • Certificate of training completion
  • Certification exam voucher on additional charges


Day 1: Monday, Dec 12
Day 2: Tuesday, Dec 13
Day 3: Wednesday, Dec 14

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