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DevOps is a set of practices which guide the creation of a culture that promotes collaboration between Development and Operations team. By implementing its practices and methods, practitioners can effectively deploy code to production faster and, ultimately, increase their organization’s speed while delivering products and services.

PeopleCert DevOps qualifications are designed to give practitioners an edge through DevOps processes, tools, and culture implementation. The advanced DevOps Leadership qualification builds on what professionals have learned in DevOps Fundamentals while enabling them to lead a cultural shift towards DevOps and use a full-stack approach to ensure the alignment of their efforts with business value delivery.

Learning Objectives

In addition to preparing you for the certification examination, this course will impart the following knowledge and skills:

  • What is leadership and what is leadership for DevOps 
  • How to lead an organization through a DevOps transformation 
  • Establish the need for urgency for DevOps 
  • Clarify & align business objectives 
  • Create a vision and strategy for transformation 
  • Identify and influence the vital stakeholders
  • Lead a culture of self-organized, cross-functional teams
  • Gather, broadcast and Implement feedback
  • Enable flow across the value stream
  • Break work into iterations to accelerate learning and experimentation
  • Lead for continuous delivery
  • Lead a culture of continual improvement
  • Lead for innovation
  • Improve organizational resilience & sustainability

Who Should Attend this Training

  • Practitioners leading or aspiring to lead software and applications development 
  • Members of the IT department
  • Business analysts
  • Project and product managers
  • Professionals who wish to gain knowledge of advanced DevOps principles and practices


To be eligible for the DevOps Leadership certification, candidates should have achieved the PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals Certificate or the DevOps Foundation Certificate from DevOps Institute.

Examination Format

  • 20 questions
  • Passing criteria is 70% or higher
  • 60 minutes (+15 minutes if English is your secondary language)
  • Closed book exam

What’s Next?

DevOPs Leadership is the highest level in the PeopleCert DevOps scheme. However, you can expand your knowledge in agile and DevOps with other certifications such as PMI-ACP®.

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Training Delivery Options


  • Defining the need for DevOps
  • Defining and aligning business objectives

  • Creating a vision for transformation
  • Creating a strategy for transformation 
  • Identifying and influencing stakeholders

  • Leading self-organized, cross-functional teams 
  • Collecting and implementing feedback 
  • Enabling flow in the Value Stream 
  • Breaking down work into iterations for accelerated learning 
  • Leading teams towards continuous delivery

  • Establishing and leading a culture of continual improvement
  • Leading to achieve innovation 
  • Enhancing organizational resilience and sustainability

Exam & Certification FAQs

What is the validity of my DevOps Leadership certificate?

The certification is valid for a lifetime.


Do I need to recertify?

No, there is no need for recertification.


What other languages does PeopleCert offer the certification examination in?

In addition to English, the certification examination is available in German and Latin Spanish.


How long will it take for me to receive my results?

Provisional results will be provided immediately after you finish the exam. You will receive your official results within two business days. If you pass the exam, you will also receive your online certificate with your results. If you, however, requested a printed copy of your certificate, you will receive it a while later.


Where can I get the prerequisite certifications?

DevOps Fundamentals is provided by PeopleCert. You can prepare for this certification’s examination by taking our DevOps Fundamentals course. On the other hand, you can attain the DevOps Foundation credential through DevOps Institute.

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