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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) is one of the most coveted certifications offered by AXELOS. The credential enables practitioners to improve the decision-enabling/delivery support structure at their organization. This in turn enables them to carry out informed decisions on factors such as strategy and risk management. P3O® also benefits organizations as it guides practitioners on identifying and realizing business outcomes via programmes and ensures the successful delivery of project outputs.

The P3O®Practitioner is ideal for practitioners who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the P3O® model. It testifies to their ability to design, implement, manage, and actively work within any component office of a P3O model.

Learning Objectives

In addition to preparing you for the P3O Practitioner certification exam, this course’s learning objectives as defined in the Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) guidance are:

  • Develop the business case required to obtain senior management approval for the P3O 
  • Identify and build the most appropriate P3O model, which will adapt to the organization’s needs, taking account of the organization’s size and portfolio, programme and project management maturity 
  • Identify the most appropriate roles required to populate a specified P3O structure 
  • Plan the implementation of a P3O 
  • Choose and use appropriate tools and techniques while running the P3O and advising those who shape the portfolio of programmes and projects 

Who Should Attend this Training

  • Members of P3Os 
  • Professionals who work in offices incorporating a P3O model
  • Professionals who achieved the P3O® Foundation certification
  • Practitioners who wish to pursue a career with P3O model as a framework


To be eligible for the P3O Practitioner certification, candidates should have successfully passed the P3O Foundation certification examination.

Examination Format

  • Objective testing
  • 4 questions of 20 marks each; 80 marks in total
  • Passing criteria is 50%, i.e. 40 marks out of 80
  • Open book (only the official Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O guide allowed)

What’s Next?

P3O Practitioner is the highest level of P3O® certifications offered by AXELOS. That said, you can expand your portfolio, programme and project offices knowledge with other certifications.

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  • How P3O adds value
  • Maximizing value of P3O
  • Getting investment for the P3O
  • The approach to maximizing the value of a P3O
  • Types of funding models for temporary and permanent offices
  • Typical timescales for implementing a P3O
  • Appropriate cost models for permanent and temporary P3Os

  • Strategic planning / portfolio support functions
  • Delivery support functions
  • Center of excellence functions
  • P3O model design considerations
  • Success factors for P3O offices
  • Independent assurance of P3O
  • Levels of governance within a P3O for three different functions
  • How P3O model types support the delivery of change
  • Sizing of a P3O for a permanent or temporary office
  • P3O structure and reporting lines

  • Implementation lifecycle for a permanent P3O model
    • Identify
    • Design
    • Deliver capabilities & realize benefits
    • Close
  • Implementation lifecycle for a temporary programme or project office
    • The focused set of stakeholders
    • Organizational context
    • Definition and implementation of a temporary programme or project office
    • Running a temporary office through to delivery
    • Treatment of internal resources within a temporary project office
    • Closing down a temporary programme or project office
    • Recycling
  • How PPM maturity will impact on the design, planning and delivery of the P3O Model and the P3O Blueprint
  • Activities to implement or re-energize a permanent P3O.
  • Activities to implement a temporary programme or project office

  • Tool vs. technique
  • Types of tools & techniques and their usage
  • Benefits of using standard tools and techniques
  • Critical success factors when introducing tools and techniques into the P3O
  • Examples of P3O tools & techniques
  • The factors involved in complexity modelling
  • Selecting and developing a tools requirements document for a PPM solution
  • Choosing knowledge management tools and techniques
  • Critical success factors and benefits of using tools and techniques

  • P3O management roles
  • P3O generic roles
  • P3O functional roles
  • The skills and competencies required to fulfill the roles
  • To which functional area or office in a P3O model each role might be allocated

Exam & Certification FAQs

Does the P3O Practitioner certification expire?

Yes, the P3O Practitioner certification will expire after five years. To maintain your qualification, you should retake the P3O Practitioner certification examination before the expiry date.


Is the certification examination available in languages aside from English?

No. Unlike the P3O Foundation certification examination, the P3O Practitioner exam is only available in English.


What about the 2008 edition of P3O Practitioner?

AXELOS still offers the 2008 edition and lists the examination format on its website. However, the accredited Examination Institute PeopleCert only offers the 2013 edition examination.


Can I attempt both the Foundation and Practitioner exams on the same day?

Yes, you can. However, you will receive only the Practitioner examination certificate.


How quickly will I get my examination results?

Preliminary results for the P3O Practitioner exam may be provided to you upon submitting your answers. However, your final results will be sent to you within two business days.


Can I add ‘P3O Practitioner’ to my business card?

Yes, you can. Only candidates who have passed the P3O Practitioner certification examination can add the credential to their business cards, resumes, and online profiles.


Can I bring a copy of the Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O guide to the exam?

Yes, but only the official hard copy of the guide. You are not allowed to use a printed copy of a PDF or a digital document on a personal device.

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