COVID-19 has proven to be a global business risk. The epidemic which was expected to only disrupt Chinese supply chains has escalated into a pandemic. Businesses especially have been affected, hurrying to accommodate their resources while they work at home to prevent any hindrances to their customers. Six months into the new normal, businesses are now realizing the need to focus

DevOps combines development and operations knowledge and skill. Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration between IT operations and software development. But there’s more to it than just streamlining work. DevOps is considered one of the ways to make careers great again. It has the power to make them fascinating and intriguing, especially since most of the skills it teaches are interpersonal

How COBIT 2019 Certifications Can Boost Your IT Governance Career  Information is a critical asset for businesses. In fact, you can accurately assume that it’s vital for the survival of organizations in today’s digital economy. Growing organizations cut no corners in ensuring the security and governance of this asset.  And that’s why IT governance professionals are an important addition to every company.  IT

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