5 Lessons to Boost your Career from James Bond

Career tipsIf the only thing you’ve learned from James Bond is that a Vesper Martini tastes best shaken not stirred, you’re missing out on a lot. The character envisioned by Ian Fleming is much more than a pretty face balancing a bad boy image with suaveness, elegance, and confidence.

One aspect you can definitely learn from the character across 14 literary works and 27 movies is how to best manage your professional life. This is proven by the fact that M has kept him around for a very long time despite his antics and mistakes.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at some of the best career lessons 007 has to offer.

Lesson 1 – Rely on Tech and Innovation as if Your Life Depended on It

It’s barely a coincidence that every Bond movie starts with a display of high-end gadgets. Some of these offer great functionality that will keep 007 safe and ensure his return to his lady love for that specific plot.

So, what should you learn from this?

Regardless of the role you play in your career, having a strong command on the tech required for your work is necessary for success. In fact, tech skills are in-demand skills even for professionals who aren’t in tech-related roles.

Here’s why:

  • Tech skills make you a better problem solver. You’ll be able to better identify issues, plan their solutions, and come up with improvements.
  • Having tech skills makes you more comfortable with technology. This, in turn, improves your ability to adopt new tech quicker and resolve issues on your own.
  • With more companies relying on tech, management expects leaders to be efficient and productive with the help of IT.
  • As careers and industries become more tech-focused, enhancing your tech literacy future-proofs your career.

So, focus on your tech skills and incorporate innovative solutions to advance your career and improve your work.

Lesson 2 – Always Have a Plan B Ready

One of the reasons Bond lives to Die Another Day (pun intended) is his backup plans. The dangerous nature of his missions mandate that he have a plan B which he can switch to whenever things don’t go his way.

While your life may not be in danger, lots of things can be at risk if you don’t have a contingency plan. That’s why effective leaders and team players have multiple courses of action they can shift to.

To effectively pull this off, you need to develop the attitude of turning problems into solutions. If you watched Live and Let Die, you probably remember how Bond escaped a crocodile-infested lagoon by running on their backs.

So, always remember that a problem may be a hidden opportunity. Make sure to pick yourself up and learn from what happened.

Lesson 3 – Focus on Your Appearance Inside Out

Bond never compromises on his style. Even while driving a tank in Goldeneye, the spy pauses for a minute to fix his tie. Moreover, in almost all movies, Bond combines his outer elegance with inner calm to overcome crises.

As a career person, you need to always dress for success. Your appearance contributes greatly to the impression you leave on the people you meet. Moreover, your clothes can benefit your career by boosting your confidence. That’s probably why you dress smart when you have an important meeting.

Your clothes also contribute to your productivity. Just compare your productivity while working from home in your PJs with that when you dress up a little.

After going over the outside, let’s go within.

Leaders are supposed to remain calm and not react without assessing the consequences of an action. Therefore, you need to remain calm and composed reactions even during critical situations.

As soon as your emotions take over, you can lose an argument or more. So, if you wish to stay ahead, always analyze a situation critically first and then plan the next step accordingly.

Lesson 4 – Be Open to Taking Risks Earlier or Later

James Bond is daring; he never hesitates from taking a bold, calculated move. That’s why he’s the best spy and the one MI6 calls every time they’re in a mess.

So how does this apply to your career?

Mainly, you need to be open to taking risks in your professional life. Some of the important risks worth considering are:

  • Taking on more challenges in your career
  • Networking above your pay grade and growing beyond your current position
  • Gaining knowledge to enhance your expertise and credentials
  • Saying ‘No’ to ensure your professional and mental health

The trick to taking risks is to do so surefootedly. Even Bond consults with M, Q, or other trusted friends who are experts on a certain issue. So, always take decisive action when you’re sure about it, and never hesitate to ask for advice.

Lesson 5 – Be Different

James Bond is different in every way possible, even in HQ. What makes him so unique is his ability to surprise audiences with new tricks up his sleeve. Again, this is related to his ability to make executive calculated decisions which break rules but ensure the greater good.

While you shouldn’t break any rules at work, you need to definitely be open to delivering good surprises to your superiors. For instance, you can study and become PRINCE2 Foundation certified before your next project. Your superiors will appreciate your drive and help you further your career.

Make a Difference to Your Career Today

With these tips, you’re all set to make great changes to your career. And don’t forget to enrich it further with the right credentials and certifications from our training catalog.

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