Expert Tips for Passing the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

PRINCE2 Foundation

If you want to become a certified project manager without waiting for long, PRINCE2 Foundation is perfect for you. This globally recognized qualification testifies to your knowledge and skill on using the project management method to attain project success.

Becoming PRINCE2 Foundation certified also gives you a career boost, improves your earning potential, and makes you an important asset to your organization. The latter is possible since the method ensures the successful delivery of projects while maintaining quality and budget.

To get these benefits and more, all you need to do is pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Which is what the following lines, courtesy of our Training Advisors, will help you with.

1) Understand the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Format

As elementary as this tip may sound, it’s quite common for many to skip it. However, you need to fully be prepared for what you’re up against.

According to AXELOS, the organization that owns the rights to PRINCE2, here are the exam’s details:

  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Passing criteria is 55%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book exam

The multiple choice questions you PRINCE2® Foundation, there are three types of questions –

  • Classic Style – These are the traditional types of MCQs you’ve faced in every quiz. It has a straightforward answer and is typically very forthcoming.
  • List Style – These questions have a range of options and one or more answers from the list can be correct.
  • Missing Word – these sentences have a missing word that you have to detect from a given list of words.


2) Study the Certification’s Materials Thoroughly

The average passing rate of PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 97%. But don’t worry, you won’t be in the unlucky 3% if you prepare properly for the exam with the right study materials.

One way to study is using the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 6th Edition. This guide will provide you with practical knowledge on the project management method’s principles, practices, and processes.

However, and this is a pro tip – you can skip the guide and enroll in a certification training course. Not only will you be more engaged with an instructor or fun self-paced course, you’ll be able to focus on the syllabus easily.

This is because the guide also covers the materials for PRINCE2 Practitioner, the next level of this certification. So, if you just have plans for PRINCE2 Foundation, enroll in a course.

3) Practice, Practice, PRACTICE

Practicing attempting the PRINCE2 Foundation exam will allow you to get familiar with the type of questions you’ll face.

You can get several practice exams online or with your training courses. However, make sure to time yourself while answering questions for a more realistic experience. In fact, if you’ve enrolled in our self-paced course, try the ‘Time Monitored’ option on the simulator.

4) Establish a Schedule for Exam Preps

The syllabus for PRINCE2 Foundation is in no way short. So, having a schedule will enable you to pace your studies and ensure you cover all the materials you’ll be tested on.

You can use an online management tool like Trello create a traditional schedule where you divide the syllabus on a set number of days. Just make sure to place this where you’ll see it daily.

Also, don’t forget to get some time to rest and revise before the actual exam. You need to give your mind a break as well.

Good Luck Passing the Exam!

These are just some of the ways you can ace the PRINCE2 Foundation examination. And if you need help with tip #2, we’re here to help you. And in case you don’t succeed the first time, you can avail our free exam resit, offered with all our courses.

So, best of luck and hope you get certified from the first go.




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