Top 6 Project Management Trends For 2022

Project Management

Project management trends are continuously changing every day now. Understanding the current project management trends and where they are headed in 2022 is how you can stay on top of the profession.

If you’re a project management professional, you need to stay up-to-date with the new technologies and trends to stay in the game. So, prepare yourself and your team for the upcoming challenges and obstacles in the field of project management with the help of these trends.

1. Focus on Agile Methodologies

Project managers are focusing on the implementation of agile methodologies with the continuous rise of digital transformation. It enables them to quickly respond to the changes in the market and cater to the shifting customer needs.

With more organizations adopting DevOps practices, we’ll soon witness a big shift towards agile development. By 2022, about 1 out of every 3 organizations would have adopted a DevOps approach.

2. Increasingly Complex Technology Integration

In today’s world, business needs to adopt new and different technologies to survive. For project managers to stay on top of their profession, they need to fill the gap between the existing toolsets and infrastructure with new technologies.

Project managers are becoming increasingly dependent on third-party services from cloud vendors to systems integrators; they require strong partnerships to ensure that all their bases are covered.

3. Enhanced Collaboration & Remote Working

Remote working would have been very stressful and difficult if it wasn’t for the enhanced technology. With newer technologies like 5G, it is easier and more convenient for project managers to collaborate with their teams even when they’re working from home.

Apps like Slack and Asana have made it easier for teams and individuals to communicate and collaborate with each other. Technology has even made measuring performances easier for managers.

4. Emphasis on Soft Skills

You cannot be a good project manager if you don’t have the proper soft skills for it. Project management and soft skills go hand-in-hand. Managing stakeholders, branding yourself as a leader, and building a friendly relationship with your team is one of the most important tasks for a project manager.

If you are a project manager, you need to stay up-to-date with the soft skill trends as well as train your team. This can help you and your team collaborate effectively and achieve your desired objectives.

5. Increased Demand for Project Management Tools

Project management is certainly a challenging job. However, project management tools have made it comparatively easier for teams to communicate internally and work effectively.

Applications like Trello and Atlassian JIRA are increasing their number of users every day that proves that these project management tools are being used by organizations all around the world proving to be extremely helpful.

Being a project manager, it is essential to be up-to-date with the new tools and techniques to stay in the game.

6. Importance of Automation

When it comes to future trends for project management, we simply cannot forget about automation. Bots and AI are seamlessly making their way in the field of project management. For instance, it is possible for a bot to send your daily reports or flag potential risks with the right configuration.

These kinds of automation and AI software will make project management easier and more expedient for project managers.


Ready to Adapt the 2022 Project Management Trends?

Whether you are new to project management or an experienced one, it is essential to stay up-to-date with future project management trends. It’ll help you and your team more effectively and efficiently.

Nevertheless, being new to project management can be confusing. Certain certifications like PRINCE2® Foundation or PMP® Boot Camp can help you firm your role as a project manager.

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